Beat the Paper Receipts!

Paper Receipts are Toxic and Impacts the Environment .



Most of the paper receipts are difficult to recycled and ends up in landfills


At least 90% of paper receipts are made using BPA, a substance classified as toxic to humans


An average lifespan of a paper receipt is less than 5 seconds
Environmental Damage

Environmental Damage

Producing 1 ton of paper requires 15 trees 19,075 gallons of water and 390 gallons of oil.

Introducing a Connected, Smart & Clean alternative to Paper Receipt

All you expenses, receipts, rewards and loyalty in one place.

Go Paperless, Say hello to smart receipts

  • Digital version of your regular paper receipts
  • Effortlessly track your expenses across merchants, products and category
  • Define budget and manage your expenses wisely
  • Itemized purchase information
  • Separate business expenses from personal ones
  • Warranty information with reminders
  • Easy exchange and reminders
  • Personalized offers based on your purchase history
  • All your rewards and loyalty points in one place

How it works

Shop with Parchi enabled merchant

Share your registered phone number with Parchi during billing

Get digital copy of your receipts on your Parchi app, via SMS and email.

We take your security very seriously

We take your data and its security very seriously. We constantly monitor and work towards closing any threats that might put it at risk. We are using 2048 bit SSL level encryption to encrypt all our communication and partnered with some of the industry best such as Amazon AWS to ensure data security and keep abreast with industry best practices.

The paper receipts are just not a innocent piece of paper